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An alliance that blesses

By Kathy Davis-Vrbas

?Politics is recognized as one of the two topics likely to drive humanity into serious division. The other topic, of course, is religion, although that would seem a paradox: Isn’t faith a deepening, strengthening, positive force in human life?
It is unfortunate that even among people of the same faith — say, Christianity — diversity of convictions can have negative effects, the most mild of which might be a disruption of fellowship, even between fellow believers.
Rawlins County is blessed with a ministerial alliance whose pastors have committed, time and time again, to look past denominational and doctrinal differences to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the people of this county. For decades, this group, whose members continually change as ministers come and go, has cooperated to operate the food bank, to support substance abuse prevention projects, to encourage the quality of kindness in youth, to sponsor workshops to build healthy families and to undertake many other worthy ventures. Each is devoted to his or her own flock, yet they strive to find the common ground that allows them, as a group of spiritual leaders, to bless all.
The latest of these joint projects is approaching early next month. The Rawlins County Ministerial Alliance is undertaking a community clean-up day Sunday, May 4. This first-time event, which invites volunteers to undertake about three hours of project work around the Rawlins County community, will culminate with a meal and a joint worship service.
Churches combining efforts to organize the event are the Atwood United Methodist Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Catholic parishes, Christian Church, Courts of Praise and Herndon Covenant Church. But the event is not just for church-goers. Everyone is invited to pitch in on the spring cleaning and all volunteer workers will be treated to a meal afterward.
We at this newspaper propose that this kind of cooperation is rare and that our community is truly blessed to have such an alliance of pastors.
May each of their churches be filled for services during this most special of weeks. And may this first community clean-up day result in new bonds of friendship and towns sparkling for their spring events.