People You Know

By Sandy Binning

?• Gilbert and Janice Antholz hosted a tree-planting party Saturday. Guests to help plant were Craig, Jeri, Tiffany, Mindy and Heath Antholz, Hal, Becky and CJ Antholz and Cort, Megan, Hallie and Lane Antholz.
• Jerry and Betty Knapp spent the weekend in Hutchison with Travis Knapp.
• Kenneth and Phyllis Wilkinson attended the McDonald Senior Citizens dinner last Monday.

Country Lines

By Sandy Binning

?• Lynn and Rita Officer attended the musical "Three Days" Saturday at the Heartland Christian School in Colby. It was an Easter musical and was put on by the school and several local churches.
• Friday afternoon, Bethel Goltl's granddaughter, Ellen Waters and friend, Joey, of Lawrence arrived at the farm. Saturday evening, Mike and Amy Waters, Owen and Brynn arrived. Sunday morning, Bethel and her family attended church in Bird City and enjoyed lunch at the Diner before returning home.
• Kenny Johnson visited at the Goltl farm Friday.
• Dee Carrow went to spring market for the TLC General Store Thursday though Saturday this past week.
• Tom and Dee Carrow's sons, Matt and Mike, came out to go turkey hunting this past weekend. Their granddaughters, Teagan and Adrianna, also came.
• Kathy Banister attended the funeral of her aunt, Betty Ann Kruse of Fairfield, Iowa, April 4 at Angelus.
• George and Kathy Banister attended the funeral of Kathy's great-aunt, Eleanor Kruse, Saturday in Oakley and also the burial at Angelus.
• David Banister, Lincoln Pochop and Tyrel Robben of Sharon Springs were Thursday evening and supper guests of George and Kathy Banister.